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Green Assam tea in bulk available for wholesale. A rare green tea from Assam, India. Its deep green leaves are replete with fragrance of flowers and hits of smoke. The infusion is light, floral and a bit smoky. As it cools, fruity notes of plum and apricot come to the fore, along with hint of grassiness. Overall, a complex and very enjoyable cup. A worthy addition to the green tea pantheon. Please give it a try.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 180° for 3 minutes.

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Fresh From Origin

Indigenous to the northeastern regions of India, the tea plant has been produced and consumed in this area for thousands of years. While it started off as a medicinal plant, tea only gained popularity in the 1800s when the British introduced it from China. The climate and altitudes of Northern India made it a promising location for tea cultivation. While the British colonials discovered the indigenous plants growing in Assam, it wasn't until the methods from the East arrived that they were able to process it.

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