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Spearmint tea in bulk available for wholesale. Dried spearmint leaves to make a minty, refreshing drink that is highly satisfying both hot and cold. A native of the Mediterranean, spearmint was revered by ancient Romans for its ability to "stir up the mind." It continues to be savored for its refreshingly light aroma, as well as its natural, caffeine-free taste. If you have yet to try gourmet spearmint, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its superior flavor.

Please note that this item will come packaged in multiples of 8 oz bags due to its voluminous nature.

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.

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Spearmint has been used by humans for thousands of years. Its name comes from the spear-like tips at the ends of its serrated leaves, though it is also known by nicknames like common mint, garden mint, or lamb mint. Like many mint plants, it contains menthol in its leaves, though not as much as is found in its hybridized descendant peppermint. Because of its milder flavor, spearmint is popular in both food and drinks, including lamb dishes, cocktails, and Moroccan mint tea, which is a social tea made with spearmint, gunpowder tea, and sugar.

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