casablanca mint gallon pouch

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steep in cold water overnight
casablanca twist gallon pouch
Casablanca Mint Tea Gallon Pouches for food service iced tea. Our one-gallon premium iced tea pouches are perfect for food service iced tea as well as in-shop brewing or resale. Make the most of your summer business with the best iced tea!

To brew, simply steep one pouch in 1/2 gallon hot water and dilute to strength. Or add a few at a time to your 3-gallon brew iced tea machine for more bountiful refreshment.

Casablanca Mint tea is an Adagio version of the classic Moroccan Mint tea. We kept the refreshing peppermint and replaced the smoky notes of Gunpowder with the muscatel-fruity highlights of Darjeeling from India. The result is very a refreshing cup, with bold, cool minty notes, smooth and relaxing texture and flavor.

Each gallon pouch contains 42 grams of tea. *moderate amount of caffeine*


Ingredients & Lore

blended with peppermint leaves, darjeeling sungma summer tea & spring darjeeling tea

Casablanca, a 1943 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, tells the story of disillusioned gin joint owner. Rick Blaine, who winds up between a rock (the woman he loves) and a hard place (her Czech Resistance Fighter husband) in the midst of World War II. Our Casablanca Twist tea is based on another classic, Moroccan mint tea, which is usually served in multiple rounds with a high pour (twelve inches or more) to get a lot of foam and plenty of sugar. Just remember, you’ll always have Adagio. Here’s looking at you, kid.

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