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uji matcha
Uji Matcha tea in bulk available for wholesale. Matcha is a fine powder made by grinding shade-grown Gyokuro tea leaves. To prepare, place one teaspoon of matcha in a bowl, add a few drops of hot (160-180F) water, and whisk into a paste. Then add more water and stir to produce a dark green liquor with bright foam. The resulting cup is sweet and vegetal, with hints of grass and a creamy finish. Our Masters-grade Matcha hails from Uji, Kyoto. It is a ceremonial-grade Spring-harvest Matcha. You're sure to love it.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 170° for 2 minutes.

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Fresh From Origin

From Uji Province in Kyoto, we sourced the finest Gyokuro. Shaded to intensify the chlorophyll fragrance and taste, the leaves were harvested, then deveined, (tencha) then dried before being ground into a powder. To use, put a level teaspoon into a wide mouth bowl, add a few drops of hot (160-180°F.) water, and whisk into a paste with a bamboo whisk (chasan.) Add 4 or more oz water, to taste. Continue whisking until it forms a pale green foam atop the dark green tea. Sip slowly the grassy sweet, vegetal brew that gives a creamy mouth feel and soft finish.

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