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Savor a tasty chai latte that is brimming with fresh tea and exotic spices. Simply combine the contents of our single-serve bags with a cup of milk. It's that easy! The bags are shelf-stable and contain just enough concentrate for one serving of delicious chai latte. Nothing to refrigerate, close or save. Just tear, pour and dispose. Easy-to-make and delicious to drink. Please give our single-serve chai lattes a try.

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Fresh From Origin

Chai is a word for tea based on the original Chinese word “cha.” Latte is Italian for milk. A "chai latte" is therefore, as a direct translation, “tea and milk.” Since many teas pair well with milk (include chai teas), you might be wondering why they aren’t all called “chai lattes” then, or, what makes a chai latte unique. The answer is threefold. First, the milk used in chai lattes is usually steamed. Second, the tea used is usually a powdered concentrate rather than leaves. Finally, the concentrate is usually spiced with traditional chai spices like cardamom, ginger, or cinnamon.

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