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Savor an herbal chai latte that is brimming with fresh tea and exotic spices. Simply combine the contents of our single-serve bags with a cup of milk. It's that easy! The bags are shelf-stable and contain just enough concentrate for one serving of delicious chai latte. Nothing to refrigerate, close or save. Just tear, pour and dispose. Easy-to-make and delicious to drink. Please give our single-serve chai lattes a try.

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Fresh From Origin

In most teas, the lighter the color, the less caffeine the tea will have. By that logic, one would think that rooibos teas, which feature a beautiful red color, would land somewhere in the middle. However, rooibos teas are not actually true teas, but tisanes. Made from the rooibos bush (literally “red bush”) instead, they are therefore as naturally caffeine free as the plant. Often compared to black teas in flavor, they’re the perfect decaf alternative, whether you’re enjoying a late-night cup, your new favorite chai latte blend, or both.

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