honeybush vanilla

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honeybush vanilla
Honeybush Vanilla in bulk available for wholesale. According to the International Ice Cream Association, Vanilla is by far the most popular flavor, getting a full 23% of all ice cream consumption. Inspired by this love, Adagio has created Honeybush Vanilla, combining the rich, warm dark sugar aroma of vanilla with the honeyed aroma and gentle earthy quality of honeybush herb from South Africa. Soft, sweet and very 'beany' vanilla fragrance (like warm sugar cookies made with fresh vanilla beans). Light, airy finish and lingering honey and warmed sugar aroma. A comforting, caffeine free treat.

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

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Ingredients & Lore

blended with honeybush tea & natural vanilla flavor

Originally from Mesoamerica, including Guatemala and Mexico, the world’s largest producer is now Madagascar and it remains the world’s most labor intensive crop. First used as a fragrance in temples, it is the only edible fruit of the orchid, the largest family of flowering plants in the world, specifically the tropical climbing genus native to Mexico, Vanilla planifolia Andrews. Mexico’s Gulf Coast Olmeca people were the first to use vanilla in beverages. That inspired our creation, Honeybush Vanilla, a drinkable sugar cookie with vanilla, honeybush, and love. Add it as a blending ingredient with other honeybush favorites for tasting pleasure.

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Explore a variety of teas with our popular sampler set. Four teas included are: honeybush hazelnut, honeybush mango, honeybush, honeybush vanilla,
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Meet our rooibos farmer, Niklaas Jakobus Slinger

To ensure the best quality and value, we import our teas directly from the countries in which they are grown, working closely with the farmers who tender them. Our Roots Campaign connects our customers with the rich stories and the farmers behind some of our most popular teas.

How long have you been growing tea?
32 years. I started working as a laborer on a neighboring Rooibos Farm and for the past 14 years I have been growing Rooibos on my own farm.
What got you started in the tea industry?
I grew up on a Rooibos Farm. After I left home, I worked on different farms producing a wide variety of agricultural products, but my love for Rooibos and the area in which I grew up brought me back home. Since I was a small boy, I dreamed about owning my own Rooibos Farm and 14 years ago my dream came true with the help of my previous employer who helped me to loan money to purchase my own Rooibos farm.
Can you describe a typical day out in the field? How many hours would that be?
During Harvesting season (January - April), I leave home at 05:00 in the morning to turn the Rooibos fermentation heaps on the drying yard. I then go to the fields and start harvesting the Rooibos. At 10:00 I return to the drying yard to open the fermentation heaps and spread the Rooibos thin and evenly to dry. I then continue harvesting till we break for lunch at 12:30. After lunch (14:00) I take the harvested Rooibos to the drying yard for further processing. After cutting and bruising the tea is put into fermentation heaps around 18:00. After that we collect the dried Rooibos from the drying yard. My day ends at around 19:30. A typical working day is around 13 hours during harvesting season.

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