Why Buy From Us?

We're retailers, as well. This gives us the advantage of having intimate knowledge of tea consumers and tea trends. You are sure to benefit from our experience. Read on to learn more.

Product reviews and ratings

Over the years, we have amassed thousands of customer reviews of our products. Each product we offer has an aggregate rating based on all reviews collected. For you, this means no risk of product selection. You can read and understand how consumers enjoy a particular tea and have confidence in your choice.


Adagio Teas and Adagio Wholesale have been forerunners in the specialty tea industry for decades. We learned early on how to innovate and quickly test products suitable for the modern tea marketplace. For business owners, our combined expertise means high-quality products designed to be bestsellers whether they be classics or emerging tea trends.

Direct Importing

Bringing our teas direct from origin enables us to offer great teas at unrivaled pricing. With no middlemen, auction houses, or extraneous routes to our facility in the US, our teas are affordably priced for both your business and customers.

Master Blenders

Adagio blends all of our teas in-house ensuring complete control over the final product and the ability to create new, exciting products as flavor trends arise. Use our perfectionism to your advantage as we create exciting new teas to share with your business.

Loyalty Points

The more you spend with us, the more we reward you! We value your patronage and give you points for every dollar spent on our B2B website that can be converted to gift certificates once accrued.

Speedy Service

Our dedication to efficiency means our order fulfillment is fast and dependable. You'll seldom wait long to receive your orders.

Expert Business Guidance

We have over twenty years in the specialty tea industry working with both consumers and small businesses. This gives us valuable insight into products, consumers, and operations that can give your business a competitive edge. We gladly offer our expertise via voice and email, depending on your preferences.

Easy to Use B2B Website

Our e-commerce experience enables us to provide an easy-to-use portal for smooth, convenient B2B order placement. Log in to place orders, create blends, track packages, and to access tea information any time day or night at your convenience.