rosemary whole

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Dried rosemary has long, thin leaves that are a pale green color and are covered in a fine, white down. When dried, rosemary becomes very fragrant and has a strong, woody, pine-like aroma. It has a slightly bitter, astringent taste that is often described as being similar to a combination of pine, lemon, and mint. Rosemary pairs well with a variety of other spices, including thyme, oregano, and garlic, and is often used in savory dishes such as roasts, stews, and marinades. It can be used fresh or dried and is often used to season meats, vegetables, and soups. Rosemary is popular in many regions of the world, including the Mediterranean, where it is frequently used in traditional dishes. It is also widely used in European and American cooking and can be found in a variety of cuisines around the globe.

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