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Dried sage is made from the dried leaves of the sage plant. Its aroma is pungent, earthy, and slightly musty. It has a strong, savory, slightly bitter flavor that is often described as somewhat peppery with a hint of mint. The taste can change slightly when heated, as the oils in the sage can become more concentrated, resulting in a stronger flavor. Sage is commonly used in Mediterranean and European cuisine. Some popular dishes that feature dried crushed sage include stuffing, sausage, and roasted meats. It is also commonly used to season sauces, soups, and stews. In cooking, dried sage is typically added near the end of the cooking process, as heat can cause the flavors to deteriorate. It is often used sparingly, as too much can overpower a dish. The spice does not require any preparation before use and can be added directly to a recipe. It's worth noting that dried sage has a more potent flavor compared to fresh sage leaves, so less is often required when using the dried version. *Please note this is NOT the whole leaf white sage used for smudging.