amber sugar crystals

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An ideal tea sweetener, these crystals are sugar in its purest form. If you like your tea sweet, there's no better way to impart savory notes to your favorite cup. Adding a few sugar crystals will sweeten tea without distorting its flavor profile, pleasing both your sweet tooth and taste buds.

10 lbs comes packaged in 20 x 8 oz bags.
30 lbs comes packaged in 10 x 3 lb bags
44 lbs comes as a bulk carton.

Made in Belgium | Ingredients: Beet Sugar

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Fresh From Origin

Sugar crystals are widely used in India with aniseed as a mouth freshener, especially after meals. The two are often served alongside the check or bill in Indian restaurants. In Thailand, sugar crystals served the function of money, being easy to weight and divide into small increments. Sugar crystals were also used to make Sugar Skulls in Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Mexican children would make rock candy in the shapes of skulls by special strings and then decorate them with icing and jewels.

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