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formosa ali shan
Formosa Ali Shan tea in bulk available for wholesale. Ali Shan is a beautiful green oolong tea grown in the mountains of Taiwan, where high altitude slows plant growth, concentrating in its leaves great complexity and flavor. Its aroma is buttery and intoxicating floral, reminiscent of lilacs, the mark of an excellent green oolong. The golden-green liquor yields a layered, almost creamy cup, with notes of sweet honeysuckle and a whisper of dry finish. Prolong the enjoyment with multiple, short infusions. Like all fine oolongs, our Formosa Ali Shan may be steeped many times.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 195° for 4 minutes.

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Legend has it that tea farmers from Fujian province, looking for greener mountains, so to speak, sailed the straits to a beautiful island of lush green mountains where they plied their trade profitably and securely. Since the 1980s, however, the focus has been on its singular oolongs processed into a nearly intoxicating array of buttery, honeysuckle sweet teas. Ali Shan is grown near Taiwan at high altitudes that slow the trees’ growth. The result is a leaf of deep complexity that is processed as a lightly oxidized green oolong. The flavor is totally satisfying with multiple infusions the norm.

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