kumo teapot and cups

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Our ceramic Kumo tea set is a traditional Japanese yokode kyusu style pot. The kyusu teapot features an ergonomic side handle that allows for easy pouring and is finished with an eggshell glaze. This style of brewing vessel is typically used for green teas, specifically sencha.

The Kumo tea set is complete with the twelve-ounce teapot with built-in strainer and four, two-ounce teacups.


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When pouring from a kyusu teapot it is important to pour the tea in rounds. This means that the first pouring should only partially fill each of the teacups at a steady pace. Then repeat the process again, but in reverse order; last teacup back to the first. This method ensures that each teacup is filled uniformly. If you were to fill each cup one by one, the time it takes to do so would alter the composition of the tea by the time you got to the last cup, due to the tea leaves infusing longer in the pot.

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