formosa oolong

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Formosa Oolong in bulk available for wholesale. Oolong tea from Taiwan. Formosa, meaning 'beautiful' was what the Dutch explorers called this island. The oolong tea grown here continues to be called as such. The intense pungency and exquisite bouquet of Formosa Oolong tea is regarded to be the finest in the world. Our 'Oolong Symphony no. 8,' comprised of large 'choicest' grade copper-red leaves with beautiful tips of silver is a wonderful introduction to this variety.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 195° for 3-5 minutes.

Customer Reviews (1297)


Fresh From Origin

This minimally-processed oolong, aka wulong, has gorgeous rusty brown leaves that offer an autumnal fruitiness not unlike plump sweet raisins, coupled with crisp apples or pears. An excellent choice for those new to oolongs, Formosa Oolong is a Taiwanese oolong, one of the four types. The others are Ti Kwan Yin from Fujian; Wuyi rock from northern Fujian, and Dancong from Guangdong province. Like all oolongs, this selection should be prepared in a gaiwan cup to achieve the smooth, lingering green and floral flavor that fills the mouth with a creamy texture on the palate.

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