traditional ti kuan yin

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This wulong strikes us as a bridge between roasted and green oolongs as it retains some floral notes, while the light roasting enhances the honey nuance. Tightly rolled Anxi grown leaf with a light roasting offers a cup that is soft with sweet honey-floral notes and a delicate flinty minerality. Nicely layered without being too overt.

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While the exact origin of the term wulong or “oolong” is near impossible to identify, there are one or two theories. First, is the “Tribute Tea” theory. This claim that the word came directly from Dragon-Phoenix Tea Cake tribute tea. The term oolong tea replaced the old term when loose tea gained in popularity. Since it was dark, long, and curly, it was called Black Dragon tea.

Second is the “Wuyi” theory, which states that the creation of oolong tea is in the Wuyi Mountains. This belief is supported by evidence of poetry written throughout the Qing Dynasty.

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