shincha gyokuro

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Earlier this year the young Gyokuro leaves were shaded from the sun for several weeks. This process slows the growth allowing, tea leaves more time to develop depth and flavor. The result is a divine example of Shincha Gyokuro, which features lovely long, slender deep green leaves. The dry aroma is one of candied nuts and sweet grass. The Infusion is a light greenish-yellow and has tender grass notes under the nutty, delicate umami, without being overtly brothy. The cup finishes to a soft crispness with subtle hints of sweet pea floral also make their way through.

This tea contains a low level of caffeine | Steep at 165° for 2 minutes.

Customer Reviews (35)

Fresh From Origin

Gyokuro, which means 'jade dew', is one of Japan's most renowned and expensive teas. In the Japanese tea tradition, the texture of the tea itself is extremely important. At the end of the tea making process, the tea master will carefully blend in tiny, broken up 'tea dust' to give the finished cup more body and richness. You can actually see these particles when you scoop out your tea. You also see them in your cup - many fine Japanese greens have a lovely, slightly cloudy appearance. This contributes to the 'umami' of the tea.

The sun-deprived leaves are higher in chlorophyll, which explains their vivid green color. They're also higher in amino acids, most notably L-theanine, which accounts for the perfectly smooth, rich and soft flavor. Our fine Gyokuro green tea produces a deeply sweet aroma of freshly buttered greens and seaweed, with no grassiness or harshness. Think of tender new grass just sprouting in the spring. Soft on the palate with a balanced, delicate finish. Energizing and soothing cup of tea.

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