buddhas dream 3-gallon

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3 gallon instruction
buddhas dream brewer
Pre-measured loose leaf pouches for your 3-gallon tea brewer. Simply open, pour into your 3-gallon brewer’s filter, and brew. A tea worthy of meditating over, Buddha's Blend combines all of the elements needed to reach palate paradise. A soft blend of white and green tea, with accents of floral, fruit flavors this is a contemplative tea that is sure to bring a bit of enlightenment to your day.


Ingredients & Lore

blended with white tea, gunpowder tea, jasmine chun hao tea, natural pineapple flavor, natural peach flavor, rose petals & marigold flowers

Legend says that a wealthy prince, convinced there was more to life than his family's riches, his ancient India homeland, and, while sitting in a plane of mindfulness, found peace. Today, his meditation of mindfulness is practiced throughout the world. While we cannot promise you will achieve enlightenment, you will achieve bliss on the palate. We've combined White Tea, Green Gunpowder, and Jasmine Chun Hao with the fruity essence of pineapple and peach and the delicacy of rose petals for a satisfying combination for peaceful meditation. Buddha’s Dream: a tea worthy of the transcendent one.