rooibos vanilla 3-gallon

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3 gallon instruction
rooibos vanilla brewer
Pre-measured loose leaf pouches for your 3-gallon tea brewer. Simply open, pour into your 3-gallon brewer’s filter, and brew. Our Rooibos Vanilla combines the rich and warm dark sugar aroma of vanilla with mellow and grounding Rooibos herb from South Africa. Soothing, sweet and very 'beany' vanilla fragrance (like warm sugar cookies made with fresh vanilla beans). Naturally caffeine-free!


Ingredients & Lore

blended with rooibos tea & natural vanilla flavor

Vanilla pods grow on trees in wildly divergent areas: Madagascar, (the world’s biggest producer,) India, particularly in Kerala, in both South and Central America, and the Caribbean. Thanks to the Aztecs, Totonacs, and Spanish, vanilla became a popular ingredient for sweets, particularly chocolate, making it even silkier and more scrumptious. Speaking of sweets, want a sugar cookie, but don’t want the calories? Brew a cup of Rooibos Vanilla and all the exotic creaminess of vanilla is yours blended with the mellowness of our favorite South African herbal. Not calorie free, but caffeine and gluten free.