pomegranate grove 3-gallon

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3 gallon instruction
pomegranate grove brewer
Pre-measured loose leaf pouches for your 3-gallon tea brewer. Simply open, pour into your 3-gallon brewer’s filter, and brew. Lightly spiced with cinnamon and ginger to accent the gently sweet notes of pomegranate and provide a warming tingle on a chilly fall day. Hibiscus and rose hips add lively layers of flavor.


Ingredients & Lore

blended with apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hips, ginger, cinnamon, natural pomegranate flavor, orange, raspberries & rose petals

In Greek mythology, Persephone is a goddess associated with the changing of the seasons. According to legend, she was loved by the king of the underworld, Hades. When he kidnapped Persephone, her mother Demeter (goddess of the harvest) became so upset that plants stopped growing and people started to starve. Zeus eventually made Hades return Persephone, but before she could go, Hades tricked her into eating pomegranate seeds. Having tasted the food of the underworld, she was forever bound to stay there for at least a third of the year, resulting in the months we now call winter.