pu erh teas

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pu erh teas - sampler
4 x 10-cup samples
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Demystify one of the world's most unique teas with your own tastebuds: this earthy sampler offers four ways to experience "shou" (ripened) pu erh. Each sample makes about 8-10 cups of tea. This set includes:

pu-erh chorange - Rich chocolate and sweet orange with pu erh for a festive treat.
pu-erh hazelberry - Pu Erh with rich hazelnut and playful strawberry with a hint of cream.
pu-erh tahiti - Juicy papaya fruit flavor, liveliness rose hips, and soft coconut touch with pu erh for an exotic delight.
pu-erh spice - Perky spices and mellow pu erh in a soul-soothing blend.

Customer Reviews (118)

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