blackberry sage oolong iced pouch

iced pouches
25 / bag
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Blackberry Sage Oolong Quart Iced Tea Pouches for wholesale purchase. Our Blackberry Sage Oolong is an enchanting blend inspired by the flavors of the forest. With its bold, earthy flavors of blackberries and herbs, it is a grounding tea with a complex character. A perfectly pleasing iced tea treat!


Ingredients & Lore

blended with oolong tea, sage, raspberry leaves, natural blackberry flavor & raspberries

‘Tis a wise tea maven who understands how to blend, like mixing plump, juicy blackberries with raspberries and sage. Why sage? It’s not just for adding to a turkey’s stuffing, but a culinary herb that offers a boost to the sweetness in the berries while it brings out the fruitiness of oolong tea. Salia officinallis, from the Latin salvere or to be saved, has roots in the Vulgar Latin word, sapius, derived from sap(ere) or to taste, have taste, smell, discerned to be wise. Now you know why drinking blackberry sage oolong is the wise thing to do!