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Gingerbread in bulk available for wholesale. Premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavored with pieces of Asian ginger. A spicy treat, delectable both hot and cold. If you have yet to try gourmet gingerbread tea, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its superior taste. Indulge your taste buds. Give our Gingerbread Tea a try.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.

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Ingredients & Lore

blended with black tea, natural gingerbread flavor, cinnamon, orange & ginger

Americans may like Asian foods with a hit of ginger root but we LOVE it sweetened in cookies, cakes, tea breads, and pies (pumpkin, anyone?) Can you imagine the holidays without gingerbread cookies or a decorated gingerbread house? Ginger is available fresh in its root form in the produce market (make sure to smell it for its shape is similar to ginseng and the more orangey turmeric)! You can also buy it powdered or granulated for baking or cooking. The root itself can also be cooked and rolled in sugar for a spicy candy.

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