key lime herbal

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key lime herbal
Key Lime Herbal in bulk available for wholesale. Key Lime Pie: a tart 'n' sweet Floridian treat for the senses. We've added key lime flavor to a delicious caffeine-free blend of tart hibiscus, orange peels, apple, and rosehips. Delicious either hot or iced. Relish the bliss of Key Lime Pie in a playful herbal blend ideal for sunset celebrations, a la Conch Republic.

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.

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Ingredients & Lore

blended with hibiscus, rose hips, apple pieces, orange & key lime pie v2 flavor

When most people think of limes, they think of Persian limes: oblong, green citrus fruits similar to lemons but for the color. Key limes, also known as West Indian or bartender's limes, however, are a different kind of lime, much smaller and rounder than their Persian cousins. Prized for their stronger flavor and aroma, they are the key (pun very much intended) ingredient in key lime pie, though most recipes will add at least a little bit of Persian lime to the mix. Key limes get their name from the Florida Keys, but are originally native to Southeast Asia.

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